Radio System Design

Richard Ranson's Publications

Over more than 35 years I have worked on numerous interesting and challenging projects.  The nature of many projects means that much of the work is confidential so, out of the  many papers and presentations over the years this is a selection of publishable highlights.  .


System Design Aspects of Filters

A comprehensive summary of the various filter parameter trade-offs from a system design perspective.  This paper, in association with a leading filter design experts illustrates the importance of key design parameterswith particular emphasis on loss, the importance of unloaded Q, acheieving rejection and considerations of passband distortion.


Software Defined Radio

Software defined radio is revolutionising all aspects of radio communication systems.  Not only changing established ideas, but opening up radio to new applications and new companies. This paper for the ARMMS conference illustrates how development hardware platforms, interface standardisation and open source software  have radically reduced the cost and knowledge barrier to enty to this dynamic industry.



Software is a key element in the design of electonic systems and running a small business, you look carefully at value for money.  Free software is often, aptly priced, but Python and the numerous libaries stand out as engineer's computing swiss army knife.  This paper is one example of how it has been used to good effect at RSD.

Power Amplifiers
The evolution from 2 to 3G mobile communications required radical thinking on power amplifier efficiency. This paper, an invited talk to an IEE colloquium looks at some of the rationale at the time.  It builds on some previous work and while many of the details have moved on since then, the fundamentals still matter, and the basic message remains  with many of the issues continuing just as higher levels, as we move from 4 to 5G.